IF Archive Mirror/IFComp 2016 IFDB links not working?

I was trying to look at an entry from IFComp 2016, and it seems like the IFDB links to that competition’s hosted files might be broken.

Most of them seem to link through ifarchive.giga.or.at/indexes/if-archive.html, doesn’t seem to be working right now, at least when from what I can tell.

Clicking on the competition version links on these pages for example will sometimes not work:

I/we could just start updating the ifdb links, but fixing the ifarchive mirror also seems pretty important, so I’m posting this here!

Thanks for the note. I’m bringing this to the attention of the archive’s administrators.

I’ve pulled giga.or.at off the list. I’ve also put ifarchive.smallwhitehouse.org back on – it was not updating for a while but is now back on track.

Thanks for the note.