Ideas for Kerkerkrup's Jumping Bomb

I was emailing with Victor about the jumping bomb - I told him I thought beating the jumping bomb became too dependent on dice rolls at higher difficulty levels. He suggested having the jumping bomb fail to kill you the first time it hits. I think that would help solve the problem, but I was wondering if there were some alternate solutions.

One thing I’m thinking is that the jumping bomb could be blind (and maybe a bit stupid) so it misses you more - but every time it misses you, its aim gets better, as if it finds its way around the room by feel.

It could start out with a lower mind (or whatever governs concentration losses) and a lower attack score, but the attack score could increase permanently every time it misses you.

Of course being blind would make it less vulnerable in Phantasmagoria… (or not?) and I’d like to see it lose concentration more often, so maybe that wouldn’t help?

Any other ideas?

I’d be happy to see some discussion about the bomb. I’ve already implemented the “doesn’t kill you on the first hit”-idea. It seems to me more consistent with what Kerkerkruip has become after the initial release. For instance, one of the first changes I made is to make sure that dodging one the Bridge of Doom doesn’t kill you the first time – you get a warning about just being able to save yourself, and would you please not do that again. In the same vein, the player now survives the first jumping bomb attack, which is accompanied by a warning.

This also means you can run past the bomb once with impunity. (And if it misses you, more than once.)