Ideas for a name - IF/Text Adventure Channel

Although I’ve got Banana Retro it’s a bit of a mixed bag of anything retro gaming that I or my kids feel like uploading. I’m mulling over creating a fresh channel that solely does IF/Text Adventure game Let’s Plays.

I’m not an overly academic chap so it would focus very much on gameplay experience rather than narrative analysis etc

Any suggestions for a channel name please? Thanks! :pray::slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Geez, Adam, you ask some hard questions.

Something biting, something witty, something relevant to the genre. Quite frankly, I’ve got no idea. I can write adventures, but I always have trouble coming up with a title. This is much the same dilemma. Good luck.

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I’m the Jeremy Paxman of the IF/TA communities :smiley:

How about “IF and WEN”.

IF = Interactive Fiction
WEN = Web Enabled Narrative


I have the Facebook group “Interactive Fiction and Text Adventure” which I could use the same name as - it’d be accurate but not very snazzy.

For videos? This is really bad, but if you want something retro and Infocom flavored how about:


as in ‘binge’, not ‘bing’

I said it was bad.

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I see what you did there! :sweat_smile:

Yes it’s for a YouTube channel. I’ve already recorded quite a few over the last 18 months on my Banana Retro channel. However BR is a mixed bag and I quite fancy starting one that is very specific to IF Lets Plays.



Interactive Fiction & Text Adventure Games?


Might be a tricky name, but it has some tradition behind it at least.

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You’re going to have to help me with that one mate! What is it please?

Ageless Faceless Genter-Neutral Culturally-Ambiguous Adventure Person


Got it! Thanks :+1:

Text Adventure Fun Shop!

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Based on @SorenStonewall’s suggestion, ‘Text Adventure Live Plays’ or ‘Let’s Play Text Adventures’. I sort of like the last one. It’s very descriptive.


Go Frotz Yourself


Plugh or perhaps Plugh-In

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Haha, I do like that one!

That’s good, no grey area, instantly you know what the channel is.


Thanks everyone for helping with suggested names.

What about…

“Ad Adventum”

Latin for “To Adventure”. Also my name is Adam, so Ad works.

Got the idea from Ad Astra :smiley:

Adam’s Ad Adventum (Gives you AAA so you’ll be listed first in the phone book.)