IDE directs people to for extensions

An error message is directing me to go to for extensions. I thought the extensions at were out of date. Should this be filed as a bug? I’m also using 6L38 so I don’t know whether this still happens in the newest version of inform.

I might be wrong, but aren’t those specialized extensions that come from the Github?

I believe so, yes.

My understanding is that isn’t where you generally find up-to-date extensions of any kind, regardless of whether you’re looking for a specialized extension or a public library extension. So this suggestion from Inform seems potentially misleading/counterproductive.

The latest version says

Sounds like it’s been adjusted in the latest version then. Thanks!

There’s a lot of overlap, but it’s not 100%. There are a few things on the website but not in the library, I believe. Usually those are newer or hyper-specialized. I was told stuff goes one location or the other, not both. Library has a few extra requirements.

My understanding is:

I7 website - 6G60 extensions retained for compatibility with older versions of Inform.
public library - current extensions that have passed the criteria for official acceptance.
github extensions repo - current experimental extensions or extensions that intentionally violate the public library criteria for some reason.
github bundled with a game - specific version of an extension (possibly out of date) needed for the game with which it’s bundled to build.