IDE cannot find public extensions

I’m using Version 1.82 (1.82.1) on a Mac, which displays “Build 10.1.1”.
When I go to the Extensions/Public tab in the IDE, it says " The Public Library: Disconnected".
But, what I believe the pinned FAQ lists at the public folder, Index of /pl/payloads, I can see. But I’m not certain what the url that the IDE is seeking.

I’m connected to the internet (else I couldn’t post this), and I don’t have a firewall.

Is this a common problem?

The pinned FAQ was out-of-date. I’ve just updated it. But knowing where the Public Library is is a different thing from knowing whether it works, since I’m not an IDE user. But I’m getting a bad feeling 'cause I can’t figure out a way to make an http request for an actual extension from the new I7 Public Library and my googling suggests it’d take a custom mime-type to get github-pages to serve an .i7x file. I wonder if it’d work with – that URL of itself doesn’t get one anything but it’s a prefix that works, seen here with Approaches by Emily Short.

Not sure what I was getting wrong last time but one can download an extension from that Public Library URL prefix, e.g., Approaches by Emily Short like so. @Jsimmons told me they successfully installed from the 10.1 Public Library from the Windows App, but couldn’t on the Mac app. I couldn’t get it to work in the Linux app.

Has anyone had any success installing from the public library in the Mac or Linux apps?

in the link provided by Zed, there’s Upper Case and a filename with spaces, so perhaps is the usual caSe seNsitivEness issue between windoze, Linux and “mac” os (actually a BSD variant…), and/or perhaps also a non-escaped space (the one between “Emily” and “Short”) ?

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I’m not getting that error and I’m running the same version. This is what I see in my extensions tab.

However … trying to download a new extension I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. Eg trying to download Footnotes as per the pic below I click Download, but nothing happens. Even after ages. I also get the same result if trying eg Debug Tags. So I’m having extension problems too, but different I think.

However if I switch back to Inform for the Mac version 1.68 (1.68.1) clicking Download e.g. on Footnotes does work, and it installs. It also shows up installed in the latest Inform. But I can’t download it there. I am going to report that as a bug shortly.


I’m using 1.68 (because 1.82 gives me compile errors), and I get this:

Note: I don’t have a firewall, and I’m clearly connected to the internet. I’m guessing this is a configuration issue, but I don’t know what to change.

I’m having the same problem with installing and updating the extensions. I click on the buttons and nothing happens.

I saw you filed a report on the issue so I voted it up and watched it.

For others who are interested, here is the link to the issue that @vivdunstan reported.

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I’m finally working on the long-promised v10 documentation and resources post, so I thought I’d ask again… has anyone ever successfully installed an extension from the public library on the Mac or Linux versions of the IDE? (I’m just trying to see whether this is a “some people have reported problems with…” kind of an issue or if it can be generalized to “this doesn’t work”.)

has anyone ever successfully installed an extension from the public library on the Max or Linux versions of the IDE?

Does not work for me with the current Mac version. The console prints [Loading] Client application failed to make a policy decision via WebPolicyDecisionListener, using defaultPolicy 2.

EDIT: This is on Monterey 12.6.

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