ICIDS is the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling. Emily Short gave a talk there last year, and Juhana Leinonen wrote a report about the 2015 talks here.

I’ve been taking a look through their past papers, and have written up a summary of the ones I think are relevant to IF:

ICIDS and Interactive Fiction

It’s broken into the following headings:

  • Narrative
  • Emergent Narrative
  • Plot Fragments
  • Planning
  • Drama Management
  • Particular Aspects of Narrative
  • Personality, Emotions and Autonomy
  • Freedom of Action
  • Natural Language
  • Ontologies
  • Systems

And Happy Christmas (almost)!

That is really useful - I wanted to read some of them, and your guide makes the task much less daunting! Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Let me know if there are any missing that you were interested in (e.g. I haven’t included many from 2015).

This is great, thank you very much.

I think it’d be nice to have all the available papers, if possible.

I noticed that a couple of links seems to point to the page itself:

-Bringing Interactivity into Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
-Purposeful Authoring for Emergent Narrative

Thank you, again! Such a great blog you’re writting.

That could be a lot of work! Maybe a compromise: I’ll add a list of papers and author names so people can search the web for them if they want to.

I’m on holidays in Tasmania right now, so it won’t be for another week or so.

Thanks, I’ll fix those.

I appreciate the encouragement!

I’ve kept things simple … under The Conferences it now says:

The links are fixed now – thanks.