ICEWEB included in Mythaxis 17

Mythaxis (FREE webzine of sf and fantasy fiction) issue 17 contains a Parchmented Inform 7 i-f story - Iceweb (in the cyberpunk sort of genre). It’s aimed at readers rather than players, so it’s deliberately wordy and easy to play.

Link to for Mythaxis. The game itself is at

It’s been beta tested by a small circle of novice players, but if anyone here finds a bug, I can retrofit the fix.

I must also thank the members who answered my newbie questions (from September 15 to date) while I was learning Inform 7 and writing the game.

Interestingly, it was developed almost entirely on the Android beta version of Inform 7, though released from a Windows PC. Because the Android IDE doesn’t really work, my dev route is: Droidedit, Inform, copy the output.z8 to Download, Text Fiction, delete previous output, import new output.z8 to Text Fiction, test… return to droidedit. My… it’s easier on the pc!

At some point soon, I’ll add it to the ifdb.

Excellent, thanks for letting us know!

Could I persuade you to make iceweb.zblorb available for download, though? You can upload it to the archive. You see, on Parchment, your game is only playable through a browser - and if you’ve developed it almost entirely on Android, then you probably already know that, in mobile devices, playing a game in an interpreter is a superior experience to playing it on a browser. :wink:

I mean, I’m not asking for myself, 'cause I already grabbed the iceweb.zblorb file and don’t need anything else, I’m good. But it’s generally a good idea anyway.

PS - I’d encourage you to go ahead and add the game to IFDB. And if you do fix future bugs, feel free to use the “news” feature on IFDB to tell people about it. Don’t be shy - it’s there to be used! People’ll thank you for it!

Well, I will, at least.

I’m a person, last time I checked.


Thanks, Peter Piers. I’ll take your advice. Is there some central place to quickly put the .zblorb before I do the ifdb thing? I must reread the guide on the use of IFDB. I have a couple of games there from the late 80s early 90s, but someone else did the business back then. Otherwise, I could host it on the Mythaxis site, meanwhile.

A good repository would be the archive.

It’s the most central place.

Right. I added the bibliographic data, did a release, and uploaded iceweb.zblorb to

I’ll do the IFDB stuff later.