I7ifying an I6 game

I would like to make an updated version of one of my old games, but unfortunately it was written in I6. I don’t feel like going back to I6, and I would prefer not to update all the code to I7. I tried to see if I could plug the old code into I6 brackets in I7, but that just results in an error message saying that there is too much code inside the brackets.

What I would really like to do is somehow compile the old I6 together with new I7 code, adding new stuff to the game. Is there any way to accomplish something like this?

This is going to be difficult. Much of what the I7 compiler does relies on the compiler’s knowledge of what objects and properties exist. If objects are declared in I6 code, the compiler doesn’t know about them.

You can add glue declarations, but the system is set up for the opposite kind of glue (defining objects in I7 and then accessing them from I6 code).

The next problem is that I7 doesn’t use the before/after property system, so all your existing action code will be ignored. Again, you can patch it back in, but the results are likely to be shaky.