Again, I find references in the documentation that does not produce anything but error messages. Does anybody know how to make this work?

"Test Case" by Andrew Plotkin.

The Kitchen is a room.

Index map with EPS file.

This works and generates a file called “Inform Map.eps”. (On my desktop – this is a Mac.) What problems are you having? Are you getting an error message?

(Posts like this are a pet peeve of mine and I’ve been seeing more and more of them.)

To the OP:

Your subject line is totally uninformative. (Better example might have been: “I7: Trouble with index map feature.”)

You don’t give the full context to your problem. (Better would have been to show your code or at least some of it. We can’t tell from your quoted section if you’re quoting the manual or your own code. If the above line is all you have in your code, yeah, it ain’t going to work.)

You don’t indicate what error messages you are seeing. (Better would have been “When I run the code I posted, I get the following error …”)

Think of these kinds of posts as a bug report. Steps to reproduce. Expected results. Actual results.

Actually, the exchange of short messages was all it took to solve my problem. :laughing:

If that was enough to fix your problem (whatever it was), you probably would have found the solution yourself while typing the post if you’d written the post the way bukayeva suggested. Taking a step back and trying to formulate what the problem is often leads to the solution.

That aside, choosing a meaningful subject for a post is always helpful for everyone reading the forum.

You could always retrocon it and give it a descriptive subject now.