I7 Windows IDE Source

Is there a reason this code has not been moved to github?

Any opportunity to improve the IDE’s with group effort would be a good thing, no?

I’d like that, personally. I’ve been messing around with the source for the Mac version to provide a tabbed interface for multiple source files. (I don’t like being constrained to just one large file.) It would be interesting to see how hard it would be to implement this in the Windows version as well. I saw this ticket (inform7.uservoice.com/forums/57 … iple-files) but it looks like that fizzled out.

I just want to integrate elasticsearch.



And not ElasticSearch (which is a server), but Lucene, which is the actual embedded search library.

I missed it on GitHub too! :slight_smile: Cool to see it. I’m strangely glad that’s MFC-based. That was the last major element of Windows development that I worked with. I haven’t gotten into the .NET stuff as much.

I found a guy to fork the repo and integrate Lucene search in a new tab. If it looks decent, I’ll share and see if Graham/David approve.

lucy.apache.org/ Looks like a better option than the original Lucene…

There are a few C implementations of Lucene. If lucy is the apache implementation, that would seem to be the way to go, agreed.