I7: why doesn't missing noun rule fire?

I have this short code snippet:

[code]“example” by Andrew

room 1 is a room. “This is THE ROOM!”

rule for supplying a missing noun when examining:
now the noun is the player;[/code]

X now asks “what do you want to examine?”

I’m confused why my rule doesn’t work, here. I know that if I have inventory, it will examine the inventory. But I may be missing a deeper I6 rule I don’t know about.


Those rules only fire once the parser has finished matching the grammar line. In this case, all the parser found was “x [something]”, so it needs clarification before giving the result back to the game.

If you add this line, then the parser will be satisfied with “x” on its own, and let the game fill in the rest.

Understand "examine" as examining.

Wow, great, thanks! Yeah, that was as simple as I thought, and it’s good not to have to worry about it.