I7 version of Adventure?

I know Donald Ekman, David M. Baggett, and Graham Nelson rebuilt the original Colossal Cave Adventure in I6.

Has anyone rebuilt it in I7? (I’m looking specifically for full I7 source, if it exists yet.)

To be accurate (or pedantic, possibly), Donald Ekman produced a Microsoft Fortran version of Colossal Cave that compiled to MS-DOS, back in the Dawn of Time, based on the widely available Crowther and Woods 350 point version. Dave Baggett used that to produce the TADS version, and Graham used Dave’s TADS source code to produce the Inform 6 version.

There is an Inform 7 version in the IF-Archive:

However, this is derived from the pre-Woods original by Crowther, thought lost for many years, and found a few years back by Dennis Jerz. I don’t know how complete it is.

I stand corrected! I was just looking at the top information in the I6 version

ADVENTURE The Interactive Original
By Will Crowther (1976) and Don Woods (1977)
Reconstructed in three steps by: Donald Ekman, David M. Baggett (1993) and Graham Nelson (1994)
[In memoriam Stephen Bishop (1820?-1857): GN]

Thanks for the link!

There’s also one I did years back here, as a demo for Intelligent Hinting:


You’ll need to strip out everything in “Part - Puzzles” (the Intelligent Hinting stuff) and no idea if it still runs with the latest Inform.

Aaron - perfect, thank you!

For context - I read I7 source far better than I6 source, and I’m working on a project (detailed here) where it’s really helpful to be able to consult a working version of the Adventure source code.