I7: Various problems. (unsolved)

Hi, i’m having problems with the Index tab in Inform7. It won’t appear, the page is blank whenever I select it. It used to work when I first started using the program, but now it just appears blank everytime. I’ve tried re-installing, but that didn’t work.

Are you on OS X, Windows, or Linux?

You have to compile the source (hit the “go” button). Before that the index pages are blank.

Yeah, that’s probably the problem. There is also an issue with build 5Z71 on Mac OS X where the index will disappear if you use the back button. That usually only lasts until the project window is closed and reopened, though.


The index still won’t show up for me, probably because there are some scripting errors stopping me from compiling.

Speaking of which…

I have an object called “Star Tattoo”. The star tattoo is a part of every person (including the player). The star tattoo can be red, blue, green, yellow or black (this is the colour property).

I want to be able to set this property for each character (including the player), but Inform 7 won’t have it. It claims that while it can test for such properties, it can’t set them (and it sprouts an example about Dave being Visible).

So how would I go about setting this property?

Go ahead and post your code here BishyT, it’ll be easier to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Ok, here it is.

A star tattoo is a kind of thing.
A star tattoo is a part of every person.
A star tattoo can be red, blue, green, yellow, black or purple (this is the colour property).
A star tattoo can be small, medium or large (this is the size property).

(then I create a character called Janice)

A person called Janice is here.
Janice’s star tattoo is red and small.

Inform has trouble taking two properties connected by “and” in this kind of situation. This should work:

A person called Janice is here. Janice's star tattoo is red. It is small.


Thanks, that worked.

Another thing. The main character’s tattoo is one his chest, which you can’t see while he’s wearing his shirt.

However, even if I write the rule about the tattoo being concealed, the player can still examine the tattoo without taking off the character’s shirt. How do I fix this (or will I just have to use an “instead”)?

EDIT: Also, how do I reference the star tattoo colour and size in a printed description?
EDIT: And how do I do an instead for the main character taking off his shirt, such as “Instead of taking off shirt, say ‘It’s too cold in here.’”.

An Instead would probably be the best way to do it.

I’m pretty sure that you can just use and [size] in the description to refer to the color and size of the described tattoo. Like this: The description of a star tattoo is usually "It's [size], , and in the shape of a star.

Instead of taking off the shirt, say "It[']s too cold in here."

Thanks for your answers, but this topic is kinda outdated; i’ve already solved most of the problems I had. ^^"