I7 v10 change? Lists of values in Tables

So in older versions of Inform, the following worked fine:

"Eek!" by Ade.

Garden is a room.

Table of ExampleProblem
link	BigList(a list of values)
0	{1}

However, in v10, it now results in the error:

**Problem.** In 'Table of ExampleProblem' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:story.ni#line5), column 2 (BigList), the entry '{1}' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:story.ni#line7) (row 1) doesn't fit what I know about 'BigList' - it's a list of numbers, whereas I think every entry ought to be a list of values.

Is this a bug? Or has something changed in v10?

I’ve tried replacing with (a list of numbers) but no dice. I’ve also tried removing the typing (a list of…) No dice.

Does anyone know the new syntax?

Thanks in advance!!


This is working for me in 10.1.2 with “a list of numbers” (or no type annotation):

The Kitchen is a room.

Table of ExampleProblem
link	BigList (a list of numbers)
0	{1}
1	{3, 4, 5}
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