[I7] taking 2 mushrooms

I have a feeling I’m missing something simple with this question. Basically, I want the player to be able to take the mushrooms without typing TAKE BLUE MUSHROOM AND RED MUSHROOM. Well, not just take, but mutliple verbs. Does anyone have suggestions?

Things like (understand “mushrooms” as all visible mushrooms.) don’t seem to work.

[code]“mushrooms” by Andrew S

room 1 is a room.

a mushroom is a kind of thing. the plural of mushroom is mushrooms.

the blue mushroom is a mushroom in room 1. the red mushroom is a mushroom in room 1.

the spider is a thing in room 1.

instead of taking the spider:
say “It bites you and you die.”;
end the story;

test gm with “get mushrooms”[/code]


I think the normal behavior is to require something like > get all mushrooms. Just to be clear you’d prefer to allow > get mushrooms?

Yes, but any form or variant would be ok–whatever’s easiest for inform. If I must, I can hack “after reading a command.”

“Get all mushrooms” will work out of the box if you just add the “Understand “mushrooms” as a mushroom” grammar. There’s no need to specify scope since it’s taken into account normally.

You do this:

A mushroom is a kind of thing.
Understand “mushrooms” as the plural of mushroom.

I thought I tried that. Honest I did. And, yes, quick verification shows it works. This’ll be useful in several ways.

So thanks much for sorting this out!