[I7] suppressing the default refusal to perform (SOLVED)

When you give an NPC a command, like MICHAEL, PICK UP YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES, the default refusal is “Michael has better things to do.” The game prints this response no matter what, even if you have a persuasion rule that handles the request, unless that persuasion rule prints its own message.

I want Inform to stop doing this.

The following strategies won’t work – they suppress the text of the respose, but the game still prints an extra paragraph break where the response should be:

The requested actions require persuasion rule response (A) is "".
Rule for issuing the response text of the requested actions require persuasion rule response (A): do nothing.

So then I tried replacing the rule in the I6 layer, like so:

[code]Include (- Replace REQUESTED_ACTIONS_REQUIRE_R; -) after “Definitions.i6t”.

Include (-
if ((actor ~= player) && (act_requester)) {
@push say__p;
say__p = 0;
rv = FollowRulebook(PERSUADE_RB);
! if (RulebookSucceeded() == false) {
! if ((deadflag == false) && (say__p == FALSE)) {
! new_line;
! }
ActRulebookFails(rv); rtrue;
@pull say__p;

But this just gets me a “Translating the Source Failed” error.

Anyone have any suggestions?

NEVER MIND. I was commenting out one line too many in the I6 replacement, that’s what was causing the source translation error. Sorry, sorry, thanks for your time.