I7 - Stopping any physical action for a particular object

Hi, I’ve been using Inform 7 for about a week and (more or less) finding my way around, but I’m stuck on one issue. I have an object which I would like to display an ‘instead of’ message if you try and do anything which requires physical contact. I’m pretty sure I need to use:

If the action requires a touchable noun

But I don’t know how! Sorry if this has an obvious answer, but everything I’ve tried is just giving me errors.

Many thanks for reading.

I suppose this should work:

Instead of doing something to the grail when the action requires a touchable noun:
   say "Your unclean hands cannot touch the holy grail."

Example 216 suggests that the accessiblity rules are the thing to tamper with.

The above solution is probably fine, though. But most likely you will also want to do something like this:

Instead of doing something when the second noun is the grail and the action requires a touchable second noun: say "What? Profane the grail with [a noun]? Infamy!"
so that PUT CHEESE IN GRAIL gets blocked too.

Awesome, thankyou for the speedy responses! I will check this out when I get home from “work” and let you know how I get on. Many thanks.

-edit- Works perfectly, many thanks!