[i7][solved] Preventing peeking into NPC pockets


I just encountered an issue with NPC inventories and the parser treating items carried by NPCs as visible.
Up to now, I always used NPC carries XYZ if I wanted a character to have something in their inventory.

However, it appears the player can peek at those things as if they were openly carried around:

[code]“peeking into foreign pockets” by “bartax”

The living room is a room. “Neat, tidy living room.”
Lola is in the living room.
The fork is a thing. The description of the fork is “A regular fork, nothing special about it.”.
Lola carries the fork.

test me with “x fork”[/code]Result is:

How can I make a character carry something, but secretly in their pocket? The player shouldn’t be able to see it/parser shouldn’t treat it as visible if the character is around. (so the parser would remark “You can’t see any such thing” in this particular situation unless Lola handed the item to the player or dropped it somewhere)

Write a rule for deciding the concealed possessions of NPCs.

Thanks that worked :slight_smile: