[i7][solved]How to specify forgiveness, contact info, series

Inform 7 appears to allow specifying various values of the Treaty of Babel for inclusion into the iFiction card. Those values will also be automatically included into the iFiction record embedded into the exported blorb file as it appears.

However, I found a few specific values of which I found no way of specifying them in Inform 7:

  • forgiveness rating ( tag)
  • author contact information ( with / inside)
  • series information ( and )

I can export an additional iFiction library card and add those myself of course, but then they won’t be embedded into the blorb.

So, my question is: is there a way to:

  • specify the values listed above in Inform 7 story source code
  • or alternatively, export a game from gnome inform 7 into a blorb with a specified iFiction file which I can edit manually

It seems that right now, Inform 7 doesn’t allow to specify those fields.

A workaround which involves some specification reading time and a bit of analyzing existing generated blorb files is to make the blorb file completely on your own and also writing the iFiction file on your own, which is what I’m doing now. The blorb file can be manually assembled (and existing blorb files can be examined) with this neat blorb tool: http://www.eblong.com/zarf/blorb/blorbtool.py (requires Python to run)

Furthermore, a look at the blorb specification and the treaty of babel is sufficient to get the necessary information. The existing iFiction file which can be exported from the Inform 7 IDE can be used as a base for a modified custom one.

So right now I got this working for me with a custom blorb script (which uses blorbtool.py) + custom iFiction XML. Would be nice if that workaround wasn’t needed though.

That is all about what I would have told you if I’d remembered to answer this question when I saw it. Glad you were able to work it out, and I’m glad the Python script was helpful.