[I7] Simple web template for running Quixe and Parchment


I need a simple web template for running Quixe and Parchment. The rationale behind this is to upload games at itchio. I’ve tried to upload games there using the [Release along with an interpreter] option of Inform 7, but the website produced is so convoluted it just doesn’t fit nice there at Itchio. I would prefer something very simple and responsive, like the “Play online” option of IFBD.

How can I do that?

PD: Also… the simple web template of this year ifcomp is ok, but it is not as good as launching from IFBD. For example, try to compare in mobile both links: any glulx game from IFBD.

iplayif.com/?story=http%3A%2F%2F … uth.gblorb

With any glulx game playable onlie from this year IFcomp.