I7: Rules precedence

Is there any section on the current I7 manual where it discusses how rules actually precede each other? The section on Advanced Actions pretty much sums up how the Before/Instead/After rules work out with the Check/Carry out/Report ones. How about those that are tied to, say, kinds of things? How about those that are labeled as “procedural rules” and the rulebooks that have been just made for the game?

I’m asking this because I spent a couple of nights just tweaking the WIP I asked help on before, just to fit the responses I was looking for with the test script. An understanding of how those other rules work should help put the chips where they should be, so to speak.

Any nudge towards the correct chapter or section on the online manual would be fine. If anyone can elaborate on it or simplify it further, that’ll be better.


The general guideline is that the most specific rule takes precedence. That is, if you have a rule about jumping and one about jumping in the trampoline room, then in the trampoline room the latter rule takes precedence.

I’ve found it useful to peruse the Rules section of the Index, which lists all of your rules grouped by their types in order of precedence. If you’re not getting quite the order you expect, then you may see why in the Index pane. You can fiddle rule order as you need to by naming the rules. For instance:

The new extended banner rule is listed before the extended banner rule in the for printing the banner text rules.

See section 17.3 of the docs for more information.

Thanks! I’m going through the I7 docs for it. It’s still a bit too complex to take in, but I’m getting there.