I7: "rule for supplying a missing noun" not firing

[code]“playit” by Andrew

room 1 is a room. the awesome video game is a thing in room 1. the vending machine is a thing in room 1.

rule for supplying a missing noun when playing: now noun is the awesome video game.

rule for supplying a missing noun when examining: now noun is the vending machine.

chapter playing

playing is an action applying to one thing. understand the command “play” as something new. understand “play [something]” as playing.

carry out playing:
the rule succeeds.

test disamb with “play/x”


But here I don’t play the game or examine myself as expected.

I’m confused as to why this doesn’t work. I can use a “does the player mean playing the awesome video game: it is likely” rule in the example above, but I simplified the code from what’s in my source, which chooses a missing noun.

Is there any way to use this relatively simpler code? What am I missing?

I’m using 6G95 but this allears to fail in 6L as well.


Rules for supplying a missing noun only run if you have a grammar line which doesn’t need a noun.

Understand "play" as playing. Understand "examine" as examining.

Otherwise it just uses the “does the player mean” rules to guess, then asks for disambiguation if necessary.

Whoo! Thanks. Glad (and slightly embarrassed) it was so simple.