I7: Remove all the objects from a location

In my latest creation set in space I have the good old standard airlock, which if opened will cause any object not nailed down to be blown outside. My problem is that I can’t work out how to identify any object on the inside part of the door, to then remove from play. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Objectloop helps here.

objectloop(obj) {if(obj in name_of_the_room && obj~=player) remove obj;}

Thanks for your help, but like the fool I am I forgot to say which version! Doh! Sorry about that. I’m grappling with I7.

Untested code, but something like this should work:

[i]whatever rule triggers this[/i]: repeat with item running through things in Airlock: unless item is scenery: move item to Outer Space.
Of course, you can put more complex conditions in there if you want different classes of objects to be sucked out into space.

Thanks, this set me on the right track. I had to mod it slightly as I was mixing : and ; but otherwise it was spot on.

Or even:

	now every not scenery thing in the Kitchen is in the Bathroom.

Although that gets harder to write if the condition gets more complicated.