[I7] Problem with Emily Short's "Postures" extension

I have this weird problem where I have Postures installed.

[code]“TestPost” by David Good

Include Postures by Emily Short.

Use the serial comma, American dialect, full-length room descriptions.

A bed is a kind of supporter. A bed is always enterable. Every bed allows seated, standing and reclining. A bed is usually reclining. Understand “bed” as a bed. The description of a bed is “It looks comfy.”

Bedroom is a room. The description of the bedroom is “It’s a bedroom. Yay.”

A canopy bed is a bed in the Bedroom.

A table is scenery in the Bedroom. The description of the table is “It’s a table.”[/code]

When I run this code, if I type “lie” in the game window I get:


*** Run-time problem P10: Since the table is not allowed the property “posture”, it is against the rules to try to use it.

(on the canopy bed)
You are now reclining on the canopy bed.


If I make the table a “container” the error doesn’t occur. Any ideas? Oh, and I am using the latest version of Inform 7.

Quick fixes are A table is a scenery supporter in the Bedroom. or, more generally, Every thing has a posture. The extension’s does-the-player-mean rules use the posture property without checking whether it’s provided, which is probably worth a bug report.

Ugh. Sounds like it’s worth rewriting its functionality for quick & dirty usage, rather than have it affect like, every object in the game.

Merely giving objects the property won’t affect their behavior except in cases where the user types stand, sit, etc. without a noun. Non-supporter non-containers still won’t allow any postures, for instance.

But if you want to patch the extension instead, all you need is to add the noun provides the property posture and after each ``when’’ in Section 6 - Disambiguating Postures.

Oooh thanks for the patch. Yay!