[i7] Portable "scenery"


I have a table that is scenery and a supporter, and I have another item on that table. That second item needs to be portable so I can’t make it scenery as well (and it isn’t really scenery b/c you can do stuff with it), but I don’t want this type of line: “On the teak table are a candlestick and a copy of the Financial Times.” I’d like to manually mention both in the description of the room instead.

This page describes the problem, but it doesn’t seem to have a solution.

Right now I’m just going to set an initial appearance for the portable item and have it take up another line, but is there a better way to do this? I don’t necessarily need the table to do this with everything on it, just that item on that table.

"This is your room description[if the banana is not handled]. There is also [a banana] in an unexpected location[end if]."

When you have [a banana] in brackets within the description, that marks it as “mentioned”, so it’s not listed separately.


Check http://inform7.com/book/RB_3_1.html

There is something like

rule for writing a locale paragraph about the table: omit contents in listing.

I don’t think that’s right and may not apply to scenery or supporters but sounds like it should work if phrased correctly.

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Thank you so much, those were both very helpful.