[I7] Player Experience Upgrade

I am using Aaron Reed’s “Player Experience Upgrade” extension.

I have an absolute ton of doors in my game, but if I mistype “door” as “dor” like in “x south dor” instead of “x south door” the whole game hangs. Completely freezes. Not even an error message.

If I leave that extension out, I get “You can’t see any such thing.” and the game continues.

If it’s going through every object for a potential spelling match, I hate to say it but it’s unacceptable. A few seconds would work, but it completely locks up, even in Win Glulxe. Perhaps there’s a patch for it?

Oh I solved this myself, sort of.

I noticed PEU is a compilation of ten different extensions. So one by one I installed each and tested it with my game.

Aaron Reed’s extension “Remembering” is the culprit. Too bad, I liked that one. Maybe if I have a chance I’ll try and figure out what it’s doing that’s bad.

Hey, that’s very curious. I’m wondering what you mean by “an absolute ton” of doors. Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? I just tried a simple test case on my own and nothing strange happened.

“Remembering” by itself doesn’t do any character matching or anything strange like that, so I would think it would just not parse “dor” and then stop. Maybe it was interacting with some other extension not from Player Experience Upgrade?

My guess was that it’s just looping over every object in the game. Does it make a difference if you type an unknown word other than “dor”?

If “Remembering” is causing problems here, my guess is that “Smarter Parser” or “Poor Man’s Mistype” is interacting with it somewhere.

I don’t think “Remembering” is the culprit here. Using “Remembering”, you just get “You can’t see any such thing.”. However, I did notice that “Player Experience Upgrade” causes a significant decrease in response speed when words are misspelt. However, this is due to “Smarter Parser” not “Remembering”.


Include Player Experience Upgrade by Aaron Reed.

The Testing Room is A Room. The wooden door is a door. The Wooden Door is south of The Testing Room. The Other Room is south of The Wooden Door. The New Room is north of The Testing Room.

Test me with “n / x dorr”.[/code]

I’m guessing that this could be happening here on a much bigger scale and it is taking an extremely long time to process.

Try adding “Use empty Smarter Parser rulebook.” when including “Player Experience Upgrade”. If not, then post you code here and we’ll diagnose it.

Hope this helps.