I7 not working on MacOS 10.12 "Sierra"

So what is the quick fix in the mean time. I have downloaded and installed Lectrote to get my ‘play’ fix going, but I am eager to ‘write’ something and Inform is not working :frowning:

I am running Sierra 10.12.1. I cloned and compiled Tony’s code from github. Aside from a few ‘Semantic Issues’ errors during compile time, I got a fully functional Inform.app it seems, yay! I am back up and running!

I’ll provide a second data point on getting the app to work via compiling the GitHub repo. There are some warnings during compile but nothing terribly serious.

Is there a set of instructions anyone friendly could point me to regarding how to compile it from GitHub? I’ve been waiting to see if an updated version might appear on the Inform 7 site, but I may have waited as long as I can.

Any news on a official release?


You are asking the people who would have posted in this thread if they knew anything. :confused:

ROBOTS, if you still haven’t worked it out, it would probably help to be more specific about exactly where you are having trouble.

Basically it is just:

  • Install Xcode
  • Download or clone the source code from https://github.com/TobyLobster/Inform
  • Open the Inform.xcodeproj project file (found in the inform subfolder inside the main Inform folder)
  • Click on the build button

Thank you, Angstsmurf, for that explanation. I was able to get it up and running based on those steps, but I’d like to add some notes of my own for the benefit of anyone else who comes across this thread.

Confidential to anyone who needs this extra explanation: Don’t worry. You are only as dumb as I am.

  • Install Xcode
  • Download or clone the source code from https://github.com/TobyLobster/Inform.
  • Open the Inform.xcodeproj project file (found in the inform subfolder inside the main Inform folder).
  • Hit command+B, or find Build under one of the menu bar options (I couldn’t find the Build button, and I was afraid to click on anything).
  • After a long time, the thingie will be done building. There will be an alias of the application file in the directory above the one containing Inform.xcodeproj.
  • If you right-click on the alias you can Show Original and pull the actual application file out of wherever the heck Xcode put it.

Yeah, I was probably trying too hard to simplify. I meant the “play” button at the top left of the window, which means “Build and then run the current scheme”. I think that does the same thing as Command+B and then running the product, which of course might not be what you want.

Thanks, everyone - I did end up figuring it out pretty quickly, once I just slowed down a bit and made an effort to understand the process. =)

Ok, I compiled the current build without any problems and everything works fine. Thanks!

But one more thing goes through my mind. The german GERX extension can only be used with the 6G60 build (from 2010) of Inform7.
There is propably no chance that we will see a fix for the current Glulx problem?


Which current problem do you mean?

this one http://inform7.com/mantis/view.php?id=1953


Oh, I see – you want to use 6G60, which has the same bug. Yeah, that’s a problem.

The 6G60 IDE source code is in theory findable out there, so it could be recompiled with a backported fix. But I don’t know where it is.

If I need to do future 6G60 work (say, recompiling Hadean Lands) my plan is to use ni as a command-line tool.

Sorry for necro-ing this thread.

I still haven’t upgraded to Mac OS Sierra mainly due to Inform compatibility.

I currently have no major projects in critical states, so I was toying with the idea of upgrading the OS.

It sounds like I have to re-compile Inform 7 manually somehow to make it work, and poke at Gargoyle as well? Sounds like Lectrote has been updated.

Has anyone done this recently and can advise me?

My current OS is fine, so I know the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” rule should apply. Should I just hold off?

I have a working version of Inform 6M62 at github.com/erkyrath/garglk/releases .

The macOS Appstore version is “Sierra-ready” as well.


Hmm, should we be using the macOS App Store version from now on instead of downloading the version at inform7.com? And by “should” I mean “it would be updated at the same time as the inform7.com version, so it makes sense to do so if you always want the latest version.” Does anyone know?

I’m wondering that too. I’m thinking the only advantage (if it works exactly as the other version) is it would notify you if there was an update.

The App Store updater is enthusiastic about finding and replacing old versions on your system. So I don’t recommend that if you need to keep multiple versions of I7 around.