I7 not understanding command

I don’t know why I7 won’t let the player sing into the microphone.

[code]A microphone is a thing in the recording studio.

Understand “mic” as microphone. Understand “mike” as microphone.

Singing into is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand “sing into” as singing into.

Check singing into microphone:
if guitar is untuned:
say “Sam grimaces as he listens in the producer’s room.[line break]
[’] You need to get that axe tuned,[’] he says through the intercom and points toward the door.”;
now player is in A Street;
if guitar is tuned and player’s command matches “Shamba Lamba Wamba”:
say “Sam nods his head approvingly as you sing your song, and when you finish signals a [’]V[’] for victory from the control booth.[line break]
[’]This here’s solid gold![’] he shouts. [’]This here is a million-seller! Moon Studios is saved![’][line break]
And of course, Sam is right. Not only is Moon Studios saved, but you get rich. You tour the country to rave reviews and the screams of teenage girls; buy your mama a pink Cadillac; move into a big ole house in the Winterhaven community of Memphis; and you get yourself a pair of blue suede shoes.[line break]
Life ouldn’t be much better …[line break]
And then you get your draft notice.”;
end the story;
say “[’]Those aren[’]t the lyrics you wrote,[’] Sam says from the coontrol room. [’]Sing what you wrote, hillbilly![’]”[/code]


sing into mic
I didn’t understand that sentence.

Understand "sing into [something]" as singing into.

I’m one big dummy. Thank, jrb.