I7: not by any chance the last question about ASK/TELL

I’m a bit tired, but my DEVICE now seems to be able to answer to me. This is cool.

Now: I must convert any


How can I swap the “something” in the asking DEVICE about something into >> ANSWERING DEVICE THAT SOMETHING?
I mean: how can I parse the “something” into the asking into a “[text]” for the answering that?

I hope I made myself clear. I’m quite drowsy atm…

Something like this?

Instead of asking Boing about something, try answering Boing that the topic understood.

“The topic understood” is where the string from the [text] token is stored – sort of the equivalent of “the noun,” except for text instead of objects.

–oh, and I decided to call DEVICE “Boing” because “DEVICE” doesn’t compile.

Hahahaha! Ok, thanks Matt. That looks easy. Let’s check it.

Obviously, it works. Thanks a lot.