I7 newbie question regarding descriptions

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to do stuff in Jim Aikin’s Inform 7 Handbook. I’m trying to do his first room example.
I have:
Forest Path is a room. “Tall trees surround this area”.
The error I get with Inform complains I didn’t use the “Description of insert room name here is…”
You wrote ‘“Tall trees surround this area.”’ (source text, line 2): but
I’m not sure what you’re referring to, that is, I can’t decide to what room
or thing you intend that text to belong. Perhaps you could rephrase this
more explicitly? (‘The description of the Inner Sanctum is…’)
Inform 7 has finished.

Thing is, Jim’s example doesn’t say that. Furthermore, I’d much rather declare the room, then type the description next to it instead of
"The description of Forest Path is “…”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I have to do double quotes, and I thought that was just Shift+Apostrophe. If not, this may be the problem but in that case I’m not sure how to do them. I found a site that told me to press Alt and type 34, but that’s the Ascii double quote.

Forest Path is a room. "Tall trees surround this area".

That should work. It does work if that line is the only line of your Inform game.

(Although you’ll want to put a period inside the quotes, if you want the player to see a period at the end of that sentence.)

It’s possible that you have some other error in your code which is confusing the compiler about this line.

Should I delete the line at the top that says the name of my project and my name? That code worked when I deleted that one line.

…what exactly does that line say, then? If the code worked when you deleted that line, it should be the first place to look for any mistakes.

That top line is optional, but it’s the easy way to declare your game’s title and author, which you want in there.

Put a period after it. Or an extra blank line.