I7: Multiple Scene Calling

I’m trying to set up a scene which makes an NPC lead as fast as the player can follow. Maybe a bad idea, but I’m trying to call a scene multiple times, and it doesn’t work.

kenneth_action is a scene. kenneth_action begins when flag_kenneth is 1. kenneth_action ends when flag_kenneth is 0.
When kenneth_action begins:
	now flag_kenneth is 0;
	if stage_kenneth is 1:
		say "Kenneth signifies you to follow him.";
		say "Kenneth heads off to the south, through the revolting exit door.";
		now kenneth is in Vor dem Hotel;
		now stage_kenneth is 2;
	if stage_kenneth is 0:
		say "'Oh sure, everything is prepared. Follow me.'";
		say "Kenneth heads off to the west.";
		now Kenneth is in Lobby_West;
		now stage_kenneth is 1.

I’m setting the flags upon the player entering the room (with “carry out going to”). Move 1 works fine, but that sucker Kenneth refuses to move on to the third room. I set flag_kenneth to 1, but the scene isn’t called. What am I doing wrong this time again?

Well scenes aren’t really my thing so I can’t comment on the rest of your code, but I do know that if you want to use a scene more than once you need to define it as a “recurring scene” (see ch.10.7. Multiple beginnings and repeats).

That already did the trick. Thanks!!