I7: Multiple Choice

Is there an extension that supports multiple choice for dialogues?

I used this extension in mine:


It has a section dealing with exactly what you’re looking for, I believe.

Particularly this page I believe (but I think there are rules or declarations to make before that part, so read the entire extension):


You should use Simple Chat.

I think Michael Callaghans extension is quite exactly what I need, thanks!

Puh. I really hope someone is able to help me with this. While I can ask my question, I don’t seem to be able to parse the answer.

Dialogue_1 is a scene. Dialogue_1 begins when the twig flag is 1.
When Dialogue_1 begins (this is the set dialogue rule):
now the dialogue flag is 1;
now dummy is 3;
now the closed menu prompt is “(1-3) >>> “;
now current question is “”;
now current question menu is {”[italic type]‘Choice 1’[roman type]”, “[italic type]‘Choice 2’[roman type]”, “[italic type]‘Choice 3’[roman type]”};
ask a closed question, in menu mode.

A number question rule (this is the dialogue rule):
say “[the number understood]”; [debug]
if the number understood is less than 1:
if the number understood is greater than dummy:
if the dialogue flag is 1 and the number understood is 2:
say “TEST”;

I got no clue bout the rule feature so far, that’s probably my mistake. The “rule” isn’t called when I enter any answer. Can anyone help me with this?

You’re asking a question in menu mode", so I guess you need a menu question rule (you’ve got a number question one).

Works! Thanks!!

(won’t be long til my next question on this topic I guess :wink: