I7 - multidimensional arrays?

I need to keep a table with a list of objects and a lot of parameters that vary.
I tried with a table but the inform IDE wrap is not configurable and long lines wrap making the use of tables very difficult.

Are there better ways of handling multidimensional arrays in inform7?

Tables are the best way. You may find it easier to create your tables in Excel, Numbers, or Google Spreadsheets and then copy and paste into your source code. At least on a Mac, they paste seamlessly.

However, if your parameters vary by object, then you could use object properties instead of a table to store them. Like so:

The Orc is a male monster. The odor is foul. The strength is moderate. The endurance is low.

Personally, even when I’m storing the parameters in properties, I prefer to define them in a table for succinctness and readability.


Thank you for your answer.
Yes, properties are not easily readable nor runnable like tables so I guess I will stay with tables but edit them like you say with an other software.