I7 Mantis bug tracker: account setup problem

I can’t set up an account on the Mantis bug tracker. Has anyone managed to set up an account recently? (I’ve tried several times over the last year or so; I get as far as the page promising an activation email, but the email never arrives.)

Also, does anyone know who administrates the bug tracker? I can’t see any indication there. Is it Graham?

I never had an account for it, so I just tried it and it worked okay for me.

I got the email, was able to change my password. I’m using gmail and it did show up in my inbox, as opposed to getting shunted to spam.

Thanks; looks like the problem is specific to me then. I guess I can live without a bug tracker account, so that’s OK. (I tried with multiple email accounts.)

Have you checked any spam folders you have?

Yes I did.

But I have now succeeded, by using a completely new email address. (I suspect that the addresses I was trying with before may have become contaminated by earlier failed attempts.)

Good to hear!