[I7] Making things happen when objects are on specific supporters

I’m a novice on his first WIP with Inform 7.

My problem is: how do I make things happen (a say “~” command, maybe) when specific objects are on specific supporters in different rooms at the same time?
I searched in vain online an answer.

I apologize for any bad English, it is not my native language. I hope I’m using this forum well.


The easiest way is probably to set up a condition that will be true under the circumstances in which you want something special to happen. Then, an every turn rule can be set up to cause the specific changes that you want. (A scene might also be of use here, instead of an every turn rule, but that depends on what you’re specifically trying to do.)

Here’s a short demo of the basic idea (with citations to Writing With Inform, the built-in documentation, for further details):

"Triggering Actions Under Conditions"

Place is a room.

A supporter called red pedestal is in Place.

Other Place is east of Place.

A supporter called blue pedestal is in Other Place.

The player carries a blue orb and a red orb.

To decide whether conditions are right: [see WWI 11.16 New conditions, new adjectives]
    if the blue orb is on the blue pedestal and the red orb is on the red pedestal:
	    decide yes;
	    decide no.

Every turn when conditions are right: [see WWI 9.5 Every turn]
    say "Something special happens!"

Test me with "put red orb on pedestal / e / put orb on pedestal". [see WWI 2.8 The TEST command]