I7: Making an action applying to two things

I tried making an action to ask someone about something, but I don’t know how to do it…

I tried this:

Understand "ask [someone] about [something]" as asking about. Asking about is an action applying to two visible things.

But when I type:

Instead of asking John about the apple: say "'Just an apple.' John says.".

But it would say that Inform couldn’t place the rule in the rulebook. How, exactly, do you make a rule for the rulebook?

It’s just that Inform doesn’t know where the first noun should go in the “asking X about Y” action. You have to add this information with “it”, but you also have to change the action’s name: “asking it about” is already defined in the standard library (as applying to one thing and one topic).


Understand “ask [someone] about [something]” as querying it about. Querying it about is an action applying to two visible things.

It works well, thanks alot :smiley:

You might want to check out the “Conversation Framework” extension by Eric Eve. It creates a “quizzing it about” action (to distinguish from “asking it about,” which is a built-in action on text) as well as an “informing it about” action to go along with the text-based “telling it about.”