[I7] Looking for Programmer to review code for dopey errors

I am converting a (working) game from Inform 6 to Inform 7.

I probably approached this the wrong way, but rather than build it from the ground up I copied all the I6 code into the IDE and updated it. It’s been a reasonably effective learning process, though quite manual as most of the time it’s not possible to directly find and replace (say) "add_to_scope " with “Place in scope”.

The downside of this approach is that I’ve never had a working core of code that I can build on, test, fix, build on, etc. Instead I have a large amount of code that’s never compiled.

Up until recently this didn’t matter as Inform was giving me ‘true’ error messages that I could keep working on, knocking the code into shape. More recently however I’ve got stuck with an error message telling me the last object in the code has a problem. There isn’t really a problem with the last object; when I delete it I get the same error with the formerly-second-last, now-last object, etc. I’ve deleted great swathes of code and still have the issue. I asked about it in another thread on the forum here and was advised it’s likely to be an incorrect error message caused by other errors behind this one.

I’d really like someone with a strong understanding of I7 to read through the code and see what newbie errors jump out at them. If you can/want to get the code working that would be fantastic but even advice pointing out incorrect syntax etc would be greatly appreciated if it gets me out of this rut.

Any help will be acknowledged in the game.


No promises, but I’ll take a look.

I’m also willing to take a look. I’d be interested in seeing the original I6 code also, so that I fully understand the intended behavior.

That error-on-the-last-declaration has been observed if you accidentally declare an object to be both scenery and carried.


Thanks zarf. That incident report actually comes from my original post about the issue.

Following the discussion on that thread, I managed to find and eliminate some carried/scenery muck-ups I’d made.

I haven’t been able to find any more since then but they must be there because, as you say, we can tell by the error I’m getting. Hopefully the fresh eyes of the kind volunteers here will be able to point them out to me.

Hah. Sorry, I forgot the names off the original discussion.

Hi zarf, no apologies are necessary - I understand completely.

It was a good point for you to raise regardless. As I say, I’m sure there is something still lingering but I’ve looked over it so many times I’m looking right past it.