[I7] Location Randomization

I have a simple idea, but am not sure if I can execute it. I want my game’s early stage to be unique on each play-through by starting the player in a random locale, and randomizing the locale of a key item. Here’s a sample of what I have in mind, with some very stripped down room names and such, not my actual source text. Will this work?

“Example” by Wulfric

Room 1 is a room.

Room 2 is a room. Room 2 is north of Room 1.

Room 3 is a room. Room 3 is north of room 2.

Room 4 is a room.

Magic door is a closed locked door. Magic door is unlocked with magic orb. Magic door is north of room 3 and south of room 4.

Forest Area is a region. Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3 are in Forest Area.

Magic orb is a thing.

When play begins:
let X be a random location in Forest Area;
move the player to X;
let Y be a random location in Forest Area;
move magic orb to Y.

That’s close, but I think you’ll need to use ‘a random room regionally in Forest Area’. Regions are a little funky that way.

You also want to say

move the player to X, without printing a room description;

or the room description will print twice (once for the move, once for the normal start-of-game text).

Fantastic! I’ll give this a shot.