[I7] iFrotz Picture Problem

Hello all, Please see attached picture. I’m doing an IF with pictures (figures) and my beta-tester who uses iFrotz showed me this issue. The picture is overlapping the description. Any advice is appreciated!

This is a Glulx game?

It looks like an iOS Frotz bug, is all. You’d have to contact the app maintainer.

Are you using the “float left” image layout? (I’m not sure what the I7 extension calls it.) You may be able to work around this by not using the float style.

Yes, Glulx. No on the float question. Thanks for the input!

This is a known iFrotz bug, that has been reported. Happens with other games like “Aurora”, and basically every Glulx game that has pictures appear in the same window as the text.

EDIT - Any other bug reports (and the more the merrier - the better to squash them) please report them here: code.google.com/p/iphonefrotz/issues/list

But be sure that it’s not already reported, in particular, here: code.google.com/p/iphonefrotz/is … ail?id=203

ok, cool, thanks! :mrgreen:

If you’d like to “separate” your text from your graphics, you might want to check out the Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing extension.