I7: How best to track knowledge/belief for all characters?

Does that work? I don’t know anything about lists in I7, but it looks to me like every object is going to have a pointer to the same list and not a separate copy of the list at initialization time.

Sure. Inform freely copies lists (rather than just pointers). The same isn’t true of indexed text, though.

Note: I did manage to forget to add 1 to the instance counter when accessing the lists. I’ve edited the previous post to fix this. (How I forgot that after discussing it in two posts I don’t know!)


It would be interesting to know. In the meantime, is this the fastest way to do it?

To decide which number is the multitude-index of (the mess - a multitude): let i be 1; Repeat with M running through multitudes: if M is the mess, decide on i; increment i;

I would do it with a property rather than a to-decide function so that the number is cached; otherwise you’re iterating the list each time you need to access the index number:

[code]A multitude has a number called the multitude-index.

When play begins:
let i be 1;
repeat with item running through multitudes:
now the multitude-index of the item is i;
increment i.[/code]


Duh! Of course I should do it that way!