[I7] having a room called "storage" causes compiler halt

I came across something which I boiled down to the fact that this:

the storage is a room.

quuxing something is an activity. 

rule for quuxing the storage:
	do nothing;

causes that:

It seems that this something to do with me naming the room “storage”. If I rename it to something else the error goes away.

Is this something I should report as a bug over at the bug tracker you think?

Yes, do.

Action rules like Instead of examining the storage: or Instead of singing in the storage: won’t compile either (whereas »Instead of examining when the noun is the storage» and »Instead of singing when in the storage» does compile) – but they give another error message:

The Standard Rules turn out to use “storage” for the type (or kind or whatever) of variables, property values, etc. (It is used in phrase definitions like ‘To increase (S- storage) by (w - value):’.)

Possibly, therefore, Inform should handle »The Storage is a room» the same way it handles »The Object is a room»—with this kind of error message: