[I7, Glulx, IFDB] Playing Glulx (Gblorb) from IFDB

Maybe this is obvious or well-known but can you not set up a game file that is a “gblorb” to play directly from IFDB?

I have a file that is located here:

http://testerstories.com/bannes/interpreter/Bannes Tech Night.gblorb.js

(for the JavaScript) or here:

http://testerstories.com/bannes/Bannes Tech Night.gblorb

For the actual file. These files are not available via the IF Archive. When I try to enter the second of those – the gblorb – in as the link that works fine. However, when I try to “Play Online”, it doesn’t work. It looks like it’s trying to load Parchment, however, so that doesn’t surprise me. I have selected the file type as “Glulx / Blorb”.

The only instructions given are:

The full URL, linking directly to the downloadable file.
For IF Archive links, use the **main** Archive only
(http://www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/...) - **don't** link to mirrors.

I am linking the full URL, directly to the downloadable file. What else should I be doing?

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The gblorb link you’ve got is to


This field should be the direct link to the gblorb file: http://testerstories.com/bannes/Bannes%20Tech%20Night.gblorb

Let IFDB set up the iplayif.com link. (Which, by the way, you also misspelled the domain of.)


Hmm. Okay, so my IFDB link field, I have this:


I didn’t set up anything with “iplayif.com” but now that I look at the link address of the Play Online button, I see what you mean.

Incidentally, I get the same error that I see Scroll Thief has.

If you click Play Online, it gives an error: “Parchment could not load the story. Check your connection, and that the URL is correct.” That’s exactly the problem I get.

Yet “The Origin of Madame Time” (https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=o1vxrdu6kmr3sce) seems to work just fine, but I notice that one is linking to the IF Archive. Not sure if that matters.

Now you have


without the initial “h”.

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Arrrgh. You are correct. The danger of moving too fast to get classroom materials in place.

Consider me embarrassed. It does now seem to work. Thanks to everyone for the assist!