[I7] Global variables in I6 inclusions

This code acts rather strange:

[code]There is a room.

Include (- Global foo = true; -).

To decide whether test works:
(- (foo) -).

When play begins:
if test works, say “ok.”[/code]
I get an I6 error: Variable must be defined before use: “foo”. It works fine if I remove the when play begins rule.

It seems like the when play begins rule is higher than the variable declaration in the generated auto.inf file, which causes the error? Am I just not doing it right? Any way to get this working?

You can specify the location of an inclusion. The docs recommend this:

Include (- Global foo = true;-) after “Definitions.i6t”.

Thanks, that works. I’m surprised I6 is so picky about it, but perhaps I7 has spoiled me.