[I7] Generate room description and inventory lists?

This might be simple and obvious (if you already know) but I cannot figure out how to, in general through programming enact various player actions on behalf of the player, and in particular display the text of the room description and / or inventory list. For example:

Carry out burning: if the noun is the car: remove the car from play; [for sake of example, assume this is nonportable and not scenery] move the burned-out car to the location; [for sake of example.. I realize more practically one would modify the description and printed name of the car] say "[description of the locale]"; [what would be the correct text to display the location description which will end with "A burned out car is here" ?]
This is a poor example but it’s late and I’m tired and you get the idea of what I mean…

There is a lot of clear documentation about changing how room and item descriptions, inventory, etc. are generated in response to the player’s expressed action to look or inventory. But in general I can’t figure out how to programmatically generate such actions when needed.

In general is there a way for the story source text to cause an action as if the player did it? Engaging all the appropriate checks and rules…

Maybe here is a better example.

Instead of slapping something: say "slapping is for wimps."; hit the noun;
Again this is a poor syntactically incorrect example but you get the idea.

You can simulate a player-generated action with the “try” phrase:

Carry out burning the car:
        remove the car from play; 
        move the burned-out car to the location; 
        try looking.

Section 7.4 in the docs has more details.