[I7] eye candy

This is not very important, as it is just eye candy… but having the time, why not?

Let’s consider I have a Table that lists two columns. Each has a text with variable length.
At a certain point I need this table to be listed fully during play.

This is what happens:

A Aaaaa BB Bbbbbbbbbb C Ccccccc DDD Ddddddd
Is there an (easy!) way of making it appear like this:

A Aaaaa BB Bbbbbbbbbb C Ccccccc DDD Ddddddd

What I mean is having a table be displayed like a table, with all the columns the same width and all lined up to the left?

As I said, this is just eye-candy, so no big deal.

Thanks a lot.

This will do the trick. This code works by having a set distance from the left (in characters) that the right column will be printed at. In the demo, I made it 10. So it will work when the items in the left column will be short, or not vary in length by tremendous amounts.

If the left column might have something huge added to it during the game, I would add a line replacing the 10 with a number variable, and setting that variable to [the longest First column entry + 2] just before the table is printed, every time the table is printed.

[code]“Table Prettiness” by Wade Clarke

Dude ranch is a room.

Table of silly names
First Last
“Adrian” “Blooby”
“Jean” “Groovy”
“AA” “Alcoholics Anonymous”

When play begins:
let T be indexed text;
say fixed letter spacing;
repeat through the Table of silly names:
now T is First entry;
let N be number of characters in T;
let D be 10 minus N; [in this line, the number 10 must be greater than the number of characters in the longest entry which will ever appear in the First column]
say “[First entry]”;
repeat with X running from 1 to D:
say " ";
say “[Last entry][line break]”;
say variable letter spacing.[/code]