I7 -- error "Source file ended in the middle of a comment"

Hi all,

I decided to simplify my game by creating a new file and cutting all comments. After doing so, I got this error message:

Problem. Source file ended in the middle of a comment: main source text. This probably means that a ']' is missing somewhere. (If you are using Inform with syntax colouring, look for where the comment colour starts.) Inform's convention on 'nested comments' is that each '[' in a comment must be matched by a corresponding ']': so for instance '[This [even nested like so] acts as a comment]' is a single comment - the first ']' character matches the second '[' and so doesn't end the comment: only the second ']' ends the comment. there So I diligently set about removing ALL comments. But I'm still getting the error message after doing so. I'm baffled at this point: there are NO comments ,yet I'm getting an error about comments! Usually, if I've left out a bracket, the colored text makes it immediately apparent and easy to fix....

Note that I"m using build 6G60.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance for any ideas/thoughts.


Do a Ctrl-F for an open bracket?

I thought of that, but there are SO many other brackets (in use for [paragraph breaksa] and [one of] structures, etc…


Try adding brackets at the end

] ] ]

until the error stops happening. This may give you a more helpful error message to track down the problem.

Copy-paste into an editor like Notepad++ that can find unmatched braces automatically?

Or search for two open or close brackets. You may have doubled one.

Or if you put an [insertion] in a text but fail to type a closing quotation mark … that could cause it too. Or, no, that would be a different error. Never mind.