[I7]detecting an undo

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to detect that the most recent command was UNDO. Like for instance:

Before reading a command when (the last command typed by the player was undo): say "Ah, well, nevermind then. Have another go:".

The pure-I7 way to do this, hacky as it is, is to set a flag in the printing of the “[Previous turn undone.]” response and clear it after reading a command.

The less hacky way to do this involves I6 template replacements, adding a line to set the flag after a successful undo.

Does [url=https://github.com/i7/extensions/blob/master/Erik%20Temple/Undo%20Output%20Control.i7x]Undo Output Control by Erik Temple{/url] let you do what you want?