[I7] Definition failure

So to distract myself from the beginnings of a cold, I thought I’d do another experiment.

[code]A cosmic room is a kind of room. Outer space is a cosmic room.

A starship is a kind of thing. A starship is usually scenery.
Room-inclusion relates a starship to various rooms. The verb to comprise (it comprises, they comprised, it is comprising) implies the room-inclusion relation.

A window is a kind of thing. A window is usually fixed in place.
Remote viewing relates a window (called A) to a room (called B) when something in B comprises the holder of A. The verb to show (it shows, they show, he showed, it is showing) implies the remote viewing relation.

For writing a paragraph about a window showing outer space:
say “Through the cockpit window, you can see [if the window is empty][the list of relevant things in outer space] against[otherwise]nothing but[end if] the blackness of space.”

Definition: a thing is relevant unless it comprises the location.
Definition: a window is empty if it does not show a relevant thing.

The Millennium Falcon is a starship. It is in outer space.
The Cockpit is a room. The Falcon comprises the cockpit. The viewport is a window. It is in the cockpit.

The player is in the cockpit.[/code]

Doubtless this could be made a lot smoother, but the basic idea is to hide the starship the player is in from being displayed in the description of the window. The reason for the relations is to allow the writer to use phrases like “now the Falcon is in hyperspace”. Strangely though, the “empty window” definition doesn’t work as intended, instead producing the output “Through the cockpit window, you can see nothing against the blackness of space.”

It’s probably something basic that I’ve forgotten, but at the moment I can’t really see it.

You’ve got some kinds clashing.

Definition: a window is empty if it does not show a relevant thing.

Windows show rooms, not things. “Room” and “thing” are mutually exclusive kinds, so windows are always empty.

On top of that, the “if” in your descriptive text has reversed logic. :slight_smile:

Jeez. Ok, obviously the sign for me to stop pounding my head against the metaphorical brick wall until the fog clears.

Thanks, zarf.

Also, as you know, if the window'' meansif a window’’ (in the writing a paragraph about rule).

I’d love to see a “multi-room vehicles” extension! Starships, sailing ships, trains… the possibilities are numerous!

I knew that. In the technical, not actual, sense. Grah.

I’ll see what I can do, soon as I regain full use of my head.

Maybe hold a comp/anthology/whatever with the stipulation that submitted games include a multi-room vehicle that moves from place to place and that they be submitted along with source code? That might produce some seed ideas of different ways to approach creating a more general-purpose multi-room vehicle.