[I7] Compiling error

[code]Home is a room.

Pathing relates various rooms to various rooms.
The verb to lead (he leads, they led, it is leading) implies the pathing relation.

After going:
let origin be the room gone from;
let destination be the location of the player;
now origin leads to destination.[/code]

This refuses to compile, and I can’t understand why. I’m having one of Those Days so the reason’s probably something trivial, but I’d appreciate the help nonetheless.

You need this instead:

The verb to lead to (he leads to, they led to, it is leading to) implies the pathing relation.

You defined the verb as “lead” and tried to use it as “lead to.”

D’oh. Thank you, Matt. I must have looked over it ten times without seeing.

You might want to use “carry out going” rather than “after going” otherwise the report going rulebook won’t run and the usual room description that is usually printed at the end of the going action won’t be printed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Yep, I noticed eventually. In fact I have no idea what possessed me to use an After rule for something so clearly meant for the Carry Out rulebook.