I7 - Compiler stops with code 10 in 6M62 (Windows)

I appreciate this is one of those stupid type of questions. But I’ve now got all my WIP games to compile in 6M62 apart from one.

The compiler stops with this message -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Inform 7\Compilers\ni \
    -internal "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inform 7\Internal" -project "C:\Users\ro\OneDrive\Inform\Word.inform" -format=ulx
Inform 7 build 6M62 has started.
I've now read your source text, which is 265576 words long.
I've also read Standard Rules by Graham Nelson, which is 42655 words long.
I've also read English Language by Graham Nelson, which is 2297 words long.
I've also read Locksmith by Emily Short, which is 4122 words long.
I've also read Facing by Emily Short, which is 1622 words long.
I've also read Basic IF Help by Andrew Plotkin, which is 5261 words long.

Compiler finished with code 10

Bit light on information for my non-coder eyes. I could go back to the previous I7 version which I know works but I’d rather not unless I have to. So, could anyone give me some clues on how I troubleshoot this? What might be causing it?

I would start by commenting out all your extensions and try to compile. IF you get normal errors you may have an outdated extension. You can update extensions using the public library link within Inform.

Then try commenting out each extension one by one and compiling to see if the code10 is caused by a specific one.

If you can isolate it to an extension that you can get by without, then you can get to updating any non-compliant stuff in your own code.

If it still gives you code10 with no extensions, you’ll need to search for items in your own source text that might be throwing it - once again, comment out or temporarily remove sections to see if you get normal errors, or code 10.

Things to check - I had an Inform 6 line in an extension that caused a code 10. One of my smarter friends said he had to remove any section headers in his extension that was like “Section 6 - Not for use with…” (the "for use with/not for use with) being the issue. This may have been corrected in 6M62 possibly.

Looks like my problem is with “Facing by Emily Short”. I’m using it okay in other projects, so must be something that it doesn’t like in this particular project causing a Code 10.

it could be the way you are using it. i had an I6 line in my extension that compiled fine unless the source text tried to use it - in which case the Code 10 happened.

Code 10 means that the NI compiler fell over in some way, which should, in theory, never happen. It’s generally worth filing a Mantis bug report in such cases, and attaching the full source and any extensions that you’re using. You can make the bug report private so that you’re not publishing your WIP for all to see.

As an aside, I am aware that it would be helpful if the Windows front-end produced more detail when this happens, so that you could at least search Mantis for bugs with similar stack traces. That is literally the next thing to be worked on, after the current thing (which is adding support for extension projects).

Okay, I will log a report. To be honest I always assume things like this are down to bad coding on my part.

Sounds like the issue mentioned in my last edit here: [url]https://intfiction.org/t/counterfeit-monkey-on-github/9942/41]